First Things First

Hello good morning, good afternoon, good evening.  This is the very first post for JUST WOMEN PROBLEMS.  This blog is not for sympathy and definitely not for to boost our egos.  However, you have to admit that women are FREAKING AWESOME!  We are better than snowflakes, better than diamonds, but are often asked , “What’s your problem?”.  Now explained by many of why they ask the above question is a list below:

  • you are not smiling
  • hair in a ponytail
  • clothes not weather friendly
  • asking a question
  • eating candy
  • not in the process of cooking
  • not folding clothes
  • saying the word NO
  • minding our business
  • not telling our business
  • laughing too loud
  • singing off key
  • singing too loud
  • having fun
  • not apologizing for having fun
  • not caring who else is having fun
  • did I say saying the word NO
  • blinking
  • blah blah blah

The point is while we are busy being busy doing what we want to be busy doing apparently we are the ones with the problem.

Stay blessed. Be encouraged.

Coffe’ Iman


photo cred: raw-pixel

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